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Mantra of Avalokitesvara (Eleven-Faced Avalokitesvara Heart Dharani Sutra)

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With Lyrics Displayed accordingly, easy to follow! Try Reciting Along ! :)

Below is the romanized Sanskrit version of the Heart-dhāraṇī of Avalokiteśvara-ekadaśamukha a.k.a Eleven-Faced Avalokitesvara Heart Dharani Sutra:

======================================= ===============
[1]Namo Ratna Trayaya,
[2]Namo Arya Jnana Sagara,
[7]Samyaksam Buddhaya,
[8]Namo Sarwa Tathagate Bhyay,
[9]Arahata Bhyah,
[10]Samyaksam Buddhe Bhyah,
[11]Namo Arya AvalokiteShoraya
[13]Maha Sattvaya,
[14]Maha Karunikaya,
[15]Tadyata, Om Dara Dara,
[16]Diri Diri,
[17]Duru Duru
[18]Itte We, Itte
[19]Chale Chale,
[20]Purachale Purachale,
[22]Kusuma Wa Re,
[23]Ili Milli,
[24]Chiti Jvalam,
[25]Apanaye Shoha


[1] Homage to the triple gem
[2] Homage to the ocean of noble wisdom
[3] The illuminator
[4] To the king of the host (also the name of a bodhisattva)
[5] To the tathagata
[6] To the arhat
[7] To the perfectly awakened one
[8] Homage to all tathagatas
[9] To the arhats
[10] To the fully and perfectly awakened ones
[11] Homage to noble Avalokitesvara
[12] To the bodhisattva
[13] To the great being
[14] to the greatly compassionate one
[15] Thus, bearing
[16] Firm
[17] Bearing a burden
[18] (??)
[19] Moving, trembling, shaking
[20] Moving, trembling, shaking
[21] In flower
[22] In the circumference
[23] (??)
[24] Blazing understanding
[25] Leading away, hail!

============================================= =========

Additional Information:

Relationship to the Great Compassion Mantra -
It is generally believed that this dhāraṇī has no direct relationship with the The Great Compassion Mantra in Mahayana Buddhism. However, it is often falsely named as Tibetan Great Compassion Mantra (藏传大悲咒) or The Great Compassion Mantra in Sanskrit (梵音大悲咒) in Chinese-speaking regions.

Some people believe that this dhāraṇī is told by the Eleven-Faced Avalokitesvara, an esoteric bodhisattva in Tibetan Buddhism, and that it is the equivalent Tibetan version of The Great Compassion Mantra in Mahayana Buddhism. This is why it is often being referred to as Tibetan Great Compassion Mantra. However, this opinion is not accepted by most Mahayana Buddhists.

Source: Wikipedia

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